Running Encouragement

I ran a 10K yesterday morning.  It felt pretty good overall.  But it was so hot that while I was running (even though I currently run 6 miles all the time!) I actually had doubts about making it.  More than once.  It was super rough.

At one point I actually started getting tingles in my shoulders and goosebumps.  Not sure what that was all about, but I have a feeling that it is not good.  So I slowed down for a little while.  I should have brought my water belt, I think, but I was sort of feeling like, oh, 6 miles, no big deal...  In 100* heat though, 6 miles is a big deal. 

And once again, I have had a run that discouraged me from running and made me question what I was thinking considering another marathon!

I had lunch with Karen and Steph today.  Karen was particularly encouraging as both Steph and I have been struggling with this heat.  We both were talking about the fact that we have officially decided that we are nuts for wanting to do more marathons and what were we thinking.  Karen sat there and listened to us run our mouths, and then told us that the struggle we are having in the heat is normal, and we just forgot about running last summer and that it is going to make us so much stronger when it starts to cool down again. 

After that I felt better.  And then we started plotting for a potential Goofy Challenge 2015. :-) 

Yesterday we had a cookout at the house for the holiday.  As I mentioned on Tuesday, Tim and Debbie were in town from KC.  Tim was in charge of meat, Debbie and I handled sides and appetizers, and Jason handled drinking.  Lol.  Typical, right?  :-) 

The vitamix came out though for one of my appetizer selections:
Fresh, homemade guacamole.  And it was really yummy too.  It all got eaten (it was pretty much the only thing to be completely polished off!) 

Overall, I think the cookout was successful, even though I am definitely now VERY glad the holiday is over and J, the pups, and I will have our house to ourselves again.  Having guests, even when they are family that you love a lot, is tough!


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