Reflecting on Running, and Why I am Scared

Saturday's long run was hot, hard, and potentially got the best of me yet again.  The plus was that I was running with my new friend Karen, and Steph too for most of it!  It was just SO HOT.  It was amazing.  Both groups (the fast one, and us the slower one) cut our runs short.  We got in about 8 miles (and spent a half mile regaining our breath before we went inside) and the other group did 7.5.  It was a really tough 8 though.  And I was my whiney self about it.  Lol.  I gotta get over that.  I want the excitement back that I had when I was training for the Pig.  We've discussed it a little, and we decided that a lot of it could be related to the loss of excitement since it's no longer new, so I want to bring that back!

But it made me feel good and more confident to be with Steph and Karen who "get it" and who are feeling similar, or at least have felt similar in the past.  So I am definitely trusting in them and will continue to work hard and run fast!

After Saturday's run, I proceeded to make a change to me.  When I came home, my husbands reaction was "well, I always liked Winnie Cooper."  Do you get the reference?
There she is.
And there is my new cut.  I got some bangs!  So far, I am loving them.  They are even more adjusted to my part now than they were immediately following the cut, so they are a little more across my forehead.  It's enough of a change that I am happy (I kind of wanted to hack it all off to my chin or something), but it kept it long like J likes it.

Last night, J and I got out the vitamix for dinner.  It's part of the deal that it gets used at least once per week, and J wanted mac and cheese again, so I remade that recipe, and then we decided to go for a healthy dessert.  I tried to copy a recipe for green ice cream that we saw at the demo!
This is a delicious ice cream made of veggies!  It gets its color from spinach and avocadoes, but it tastes like sweet lemon (from lemon + agave).  It was awesome.  J said it taste just like what we tried at Whole Foods during the demo.
This morning I forced myself up at 4:35 to get in a run.  I have not normally been running on Monday's, but I decided that today I was going to!  I tried to push, but not super hard.
The run was a negative split and right around marathon goal pace, so I am quite pleased with it.  It went better than expected and I feel that I can attribute a large part of that to the fact that it has finally cooled off a little bit.  Hopefully I can keep this up!


  1. I love running, but I also find there are times when it seems like a chore. I try to do what my body wants then, like try something new or change the workout. You'll get through it!


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