Me and Rachie: Two Peas in a Pod

My sister and I are sisters that you could argue, have nothing in common, outside of our parents.  In high school, I was smart, quiet, conservative, and dressed a little like a hippie (seriously, think smocked, embroidered tops and bell bottoms - not flared - serious bell bottoms).  Rachie was noisy, trouble, always dating guys from MY class, and ONLY wore American Eagle or abercromie.  She would get upset when my mom would buy her stuff from JCPenney, where my mom worked and therefore got a discount!

As adults, we are a little bit closer, but its kind of done a flip.  Rachel now lives on a farm, grows her own vegetables, wears clothes from savers (a secondhand shop in Toledo) and is extremely careful with her money.  I live in the burbs, in a big house with my brand new kitchen, work in a job in a growing company, wear the Gap almost exclusively (or Nike, Under Armour, and lulu!), and could stand to take a lesson in thriftiness from her. 

But we're sisters.
And in that picture, you can even sort of tell! 

I was looking through pictures from Rachel's wedding and was shocked to see how much alike we truly are!  And yes, in the picture above I am wearing 4 inch heels, and I have 3 inches on her anyway (she's wearing flats) so I am bent down to be a little closer to her in height.

Look at these two pictures.  Seriously.  WTF?  We're pretty much twins here!  I mean, the expressions on our faces (except facing different directions), the positioning of our hands...  I wish you could see my mom in Rachie's pic, but I bet its pretty similar!  As soon as I came across this pic in Rachie's album, I saved it and started looking for this one of mine!

 And here is another set of goofy Em & Rachie plus our mom photos.  She is putting on our jewelry, and we're making crazy faces.  Typical sisters...  Once again we're facing different directions, but it definitely still gives the sister with lots in common impression! 

Seeing these pictures next to each other just cracked me up! 

Being Rachel's Matron of Honor (eeep!  Can't believe I was a "matron"!) was truly the biggest honor that I ever could have had.  I did feel a smidge guilty giving my speech that she was not mine, but live and learn, right?  I was so proud to stand up there with her and be able to speak on her behalf and let everyone know how much she and Chris meant to me, and how much I can tell they mean to each other.

So my sister and I truly have occasionally had bad times, far less now that we are adults than when we were kids (and especially teenagers!) but she truly is my very very best friend, and I am so lucky to have her.  We don't talk as often as we should, and we definitely don't see each other enough, but we are clearly sisters.  We have a bond like very few others (except sisters, obviously) do, and I am forever grateful to her for that.

Do you have a sister?  Is she your very best friend in the world?


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