Long Run Friday

Last night as soon as I got home from work and had taken care of the pups, I did Blonde Ponytail's GNC Abs workout.  I set my HIIT timer on my phone and got set for 30 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.  It was rough, but doable, and it is a workout that I might repeat next week on vacation on a day when I want to get in some strength training as well!  Go to her blog to see this workout and the other's that she has designed for GNC.  I have done two of them and they were great!

J said he would be home around 7 so we could finish getting packed up for vacation.  We are leaving around 4 pm today to drive up to Toledo as our flight is out of Detroit.  The main packing was already done, but we had to finalize a few things, as well as add in our carryon packing.  My carryon has my kindle, 2 regular books, my ipod, various cables for charging devices, camera, and 4 magazines.  Yes, I will not need ALL of these things on the plane ride there, but we managed to pack 1 suitcase, so I am being a good girl and carrying all of that.  J on the other hand put his books (other than 1!) in the suitcase taking up more room.  Lame-tastic.

Anyway, I planned dinner around his 7 pm arrival time, and at 7:02 pm I was plating dinner.  That makes it sound fancy, and it was not, but it was still delicious (and within my food allotment for the day!)  At 7:10 he was not home so I text him saying "dinner is ready."  Nothing.  At 7:30 I text him again to say "where are you?  i hope you are safe!" At 7:45 he called me and said he was leaving.  *sigh*  So dinner was reheated in the microwave (lamesauce) and not eaten until well after 8.

I made the decision to get my long run in this morning.  8 miles.  Here's my splits:
Great run overall!  I am very pleased with it.

I am out for a week ya'll but I have posts lined up for the entire time we are gone, and expect a FULL RECAP when I return. 

See you on the other side of a Mexican vacation!


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