In A Workout Rut?

Are you ever in the mood for a good, at home sweat session but lack the motivation to make something up yourself?  This DEFINITELY happens to me every now and then, and when it does, I usually want some cardio along with some strengthening and toning.  It's called laziness, and every now and again, I suffer from it. 

So I usually bust out a workout DVD to break through this boredom that I suffer from and I have accumulated quite a few over the years.

1. Tae-Bo Bootcamp
A classic.  I started doing the regular tae-bo with my mom in junior high.  I have always been a fan, and now using the band that was provided in this one, it is a completely different workout than it once was!

2. 10 Minute Solution Pilates
I potentially purchased this one in an attempt to be more zen.  How's that working out for ya, Em?  A good workout none-the-less.  I usually do all 5 10 minute workouts.

3. 10 Minute Solutions Dance Off Fat Fast

Same idea as above, I do all 4 workouts.  But I think this one is SUPER fun once you get the hang of the moves.

4. Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred
The best.  Everyone loves the Shred, especially me!  One of these days I am actually going to do it for a full 30 days straight with before and after pictures and everything!

5. Turbo Fire
My newest and greatest love.  These workouts kick my butt and have me sweating like crazy every single time.  And yes I am a Beachbody Coach, but I truly do love these workouts and am super happy to have purchased them.
What are your workout DVD faves?


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