Hubs is home! And Arms are on Fi-yah!

J is home from his trip to Pebble Beach.  Based on the pictures he has uploaded to facebook and sent to me via text, I would say that a good time was had! 
This is the "Lone Cypress".  Admittedly, I don't know too much about it, but J is IN LOVE with this tree.  :)

He brought me home a present too! 
This gigantic white mug with the Pebble Beach logo etched into it.  It is about double the size of my normal coffee mugs, so basically, I love it. :)  I am really glad he is home as well.  This week is going to be hectic, as wehave out of town guests at our house, and then next week will be another hectic one because we will be packing to get ready for Mexico.  Oh my goodness, I cannot WAIT!

This morning I managed to drag myself out of bed for a workout even though I didn't want to.  I stayed up late watching the gymnastics trials (completely sucked in) and then J got home, so I was definitely up too late.  But my alarm went off and I couldn't get back to sleep (and I am sure that I was making the hubs crazy!) so I just got up and went downstairs.  I didn't go to the gym because the workout that I planned I could easily do at home.

I chose to Sculpt my Guns via the Blonde Ponytail workout.  This was tough.  Just yesterday I was still suffering majorly from DOMs from my Crossfit workout.  Today I am too, but only when I move my shoulders into certain positions.  Plus it has been more than 3 days, it is time to get back on the horse! 


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