A Good Run, I Needed It!

My arms might finally be back to 100%.  I might actually be able to hold myself up in a plank position for more than three seconds now.  I am quite excited by that!  It only took 5 days for my arms to be back to normal (I plan on CRUSHING them again on Friday with an at home WOD that involves burpees and pushups).  That is just how I roll, I guess, or at least, how I am hoping to roll going forward!

J and I have family in town for the holiday from Kansas City.  Tim and his wife Debbie arrived last night around 8:30 and J and I stayed up to hang out with them for a little while (which put me past my 9 pm in bed goal).  When we finally went upstairs, I was definitely struggling to get to sleep, so I probably did not fall asleep until close to 11!  Way late for the wake up that I had planned - 4:35 am for what was hopefully going to be my best run in DAYS!  Last week's runs were all rough, so I was hoping this one was a good one. 

I planned on hitting the gym and doing this one on the treadmill to take advantage of some A/C in these ridiculous temperatures (even at 5 am!).  So when I got there I set the incline on 1.0 (to better show outdoor resistance) and ran 6 miles like this:
A nice little tempo run with some progressing paces in there.  So I would say that I had a successful run, finally!  I feel like I needed it to get myself to quit being so defeatist about my upcoming fall marathon.  This run did it.  Now I am feeling much more capable of tackling the distance again.
When I got home, I created my breakfast.  I got out the vitamix for that and tossed in 2 cups spinach, a scoop and a half of whey protein, half cup water, half a beet, and half cup of Trader's Joe's Cherry Berry blend.
Yum.  I drank it with a straw because for whatever reason, I convinced myself that it would be better that way.
That vitamix is so awesome.

I think I am racing tomorrow morning.  A 10K.  1 year ago it was my very first 10K, which is why I am feeling so nostalgic about running it.  Not to mention the fact that I have been working very hard, and I am fairly confident that I will do well.  Potential PR.  We'll see what ends up happening!


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