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I am sorry for the entry I wrote yesterday. I truly do love fitness and exercise and even running! Like I was saying to Karen, I am feeling guilty about skipping my run on Thursday morning, but I was already dreading my next one. It is just so weird, right? Or is it actually completely normal? I wonder (as we move into the Olympics) if Kara Goucher ever has this feeling. I feel like I doubt it. But at the same time, maybe she feel MORE like it than I do because she's been running since childhood and I've only been running for a year. Man oh man, that woman is my idol. My running & family balance idol anyway. She's got it all together.

Granted this is my family right now. Just the little troublesome grey thing. She is trouble. And the white one too, of course. He's a booger.

However, I am doing more and more thinking about other family... more family. Seriously. I am starting to think about J and I and our future. I have so many things in mind already. I am not certain J understands all of the things that it means to me. Meaning... redecorating a bedroom for the baby. Figuring out which bedroom will BE the nursery (and which one will be a bedroom then for the baby when there is a SECOND baby!) And choosing everything, etc. I am excited about all of the ideas. I am excited about my owl nursery (I want that so much!) And about what the future of my family looks like.

I am excited about all of those things but nervous about something else... something that some girls probably do worry about, something that I know some of my own friends think about and probably some folks who read this as well - my body. I tell myself that all that should matter is growing a healthy little person if I am so blessed to be able to HAVE a little person. And I know in my heart that is the truth. But I also know that I am not the only fit, healthy, but slightly deranged body image girl who feels this way. 

Anyone out there have thoughts on coping and how to get to a good place with this dilemna?


  1. I didn't really think about the big change pregnancy would have on my body before having kids, but I will tell you that while I actually weigh less now - after THREE pregnancies - there are definitely some changes. The good news is that since you are so health-conscience, you won't have any trouble getting back into shape! It's not as hard as some women claim, I promise:) But yeah, there's a few things that don't ever quite go back to normal.


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