Exercise while on Holiday

Now last August, when J and I honeymooned (holy smokes, it has been almost a year already!) in Mexico, I was dealing with a SEVERELY swollen ankle (turned out to be a combo = fractured foot/dancing in heels at my wedding) and I was in the middle of training for my bikini competition, which never ended up happening.  J and I both worked out on vacation.  Not every day, but probably 3 times while we were there. 

(Oh yes, there is photographic proof of that ankle.  I still struggle to believe it looked like that.  And only that one, which was the one that turned out to be fractured, so they were definitely related incidents!)

This year we do not have an official plan for workouts.  I know I plan on working out, at least 4 times, I think.  I plan on getting my runs in, and keeping up with marathon training.  I might not get the long run in as scheduled, but I am hoping for a few 6 milers. I think that would be considered a success on vacation.  But at the same time, how do you exercise when this is all around you?
Wouldn't you rather just sit and look at that?  (yes, that is J out there in the water!)

On Beach Running:
Do you run on the beach?  I have not previously, but I think I would like to.  By that I mean, actually running IN THE SAND, not just on the near beach bike path. 

When you run on the beach, do you go barefoot?  do you go with your regular running shoes or maybe a lighter weight shoe?  Seriously, I am looking for true advice here!

I will let you know when I get back from my trip how my workouts went and if I ran on the beach or not!


  1. I've run on the beach only a few times, and those few times took place over a decade ago. It was back in my "I hate running days" (which only ended a little over a year ago). My high school tennis team was in Hilton Head for a week and our coach forced our lazy asses to run a mile on the beach each morning. I am pretty sure I wore my shoes. He had us running close to the water where the sand is wet and therefore more stable. I think that could be pleasant in shoes or barefoot. Good luck!

  2. Goodness you broke your foot at your wedding?! No fun!

    1. My doctor thinks it was worn out shoes + overtraining + dancing in heels! I walked/ran on it for a month AFTER the wedding. But then was in a boot for 6+ weeks.


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