CrossFit at Home

Yesterday I did another at home workout from Blonde Ponytail.  In case she reads this, THANK YOU for posting such awesome workouts on your blog.  They really help a girl out when she wants a butt kicking at home, in a short amount of time.  I did the recent At-Home WOD that she posted that was 5 rounds of full body/body weight exercises.

I asked J if he wanted to do it too because it only took me 16 minutes (I set my timer!) He said he already did it when I was going to get dog food, but he did 20 push ups per round where I only did 15.  The liar. :)

We are only 1 week away from our Mexican vacation now.  I cannot wait to be there on the beach!  Despite the days where my motivation has been lacking and where I wanted to just throw in the towel, quit, and eat nothing but candy, but I did not.  I mean, yes, there was occasional candy and ice cream.  But I tracked it and worked out hard the next day if I went over in calories!  So I feel like I have done a pretty good job, to be honest.

My body is not beach perfect, but it certainly is not beach bad, and so I am pleased with myself for getting ready for all of this.

This morning, I dragged my rear end out of bed at 5 of 5.  I planned to have a nice easy 3 mile run.
I would say that shot of my garmin proves that it was successful!  A nice easy peasey early morning run.  We have 12 tomorrow, which I am definitely feeling nervous about.  But, I am planning on bringing my fuel belt filled (one of the four bottles with nuun) and working as hard as I can to get there!


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