Yesterday: exhaustion & workouts work!

Yesterday was a successful day as far as both my food and exercise went.  Admittedly, I was so wiped out from the game that I was not really feeling my workout when I headed for home to do it.  I had Turbo Fire - Fire 45EZ on the schedule.  And as I have said previously, there is NOTHING easy about that.  When I started it, I was feeling rough.  I honestly even questioned whether or not I would get through the workout.  It was only 45 minutes, but I just was so beat.

But because I am a true all star, as I kept going my energy levels started to return a bit.  I punched and kicked and jumped my way through the 45 minute workout.  I felt much much better when it was over and ate lunch/drank a recovery shake when it was over.  I am really glad that I pushed myself to do it. 

After I got home from work last night, I got to work doing a few of the house things that J assigned me.  I am in charge of most of the painting projects in our house, and J wanted to get the upstairs hallway painted before his Uncle comes to visit us for the 4th of July.  Obviously, there is a decent amount of time before then, but I have a second painting project after this one is finished, and that is painting the downstairs bathroom including the ceiling!  That bathroom has been a work in progress for a year now, and we really need to get on top of it.

So while I took care of the dogs right before bed, J worked in the bathroom.  We hung the ceiling in there ourselves, and to be honest, we are not all that skilled in that way.  It was a lot of work, and it probably did not turn out as well as it should have, but it is going to have to do.  I mean, we don't have anyone to help us with stuff like this around here, at least not too often, so that is how it is!

This morning I was up early planning on actually running this week for 4 days.  I went to the gym since it was supposed to rain (it didn't, lame) and completed the following:
I was pretty pleased with that.  By switching up those tempo paces, it kept my three tempo miles at 8:13, 8:13, and 8:06.  Awesome.


  1. We were so happy when we finally wrapped up painting every room in our house. Good luck with that! And good job getting that workout done, despite being beat!


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