Yassos: check!

So I have been reflecting on the Pig a little bit.  I got the email with information about getting a personalized finishers shirt.  I kind of want one.  Since its my first marathon and all.  They are personalized with your name, bib number and finishing time.  They have a pig on them who is holding a newspaper.  Pretty cute if you ask me! 
The order I placed for J and I through 6pm.com came yesterday.  I got a new bikini, new shorts (they need to be returned) and 2 casual dresses that I plan on taking on vacation with me.  I am going to wear one of them for my sisters rehearsal & dinner on Friday night though, get some early wear out of it.  It's cute!  The bikini is Oakley, and I like it and how it fits since it is kind of sporty rather than sexy.  Since my build is much more athletic than curvy, it works well on me.  I got J some new shades...
They are Oakley's that look completely dumb on me.  Haha.  But he likes them and they look just like his other pairs except in a different color! 

Dinner last night was another vitamix creation.  I used the vitamix to create a healthier cheese sauce to pour on top of whole wheat shells!  The cheese sauce got hot and melted right in the vitamix!
Then that is some turkey sausage for protein and there was green beans on the side for veggies!  It was really good and I plan on enjoying a bit more for lunch!

I was up early again, this time for my sprint workout.  Yassos were on the schedule today.  (Can you call them Yassos if you don't do the full yasso workout?  Are they just 800s if you do less than 10?)  I did the following:
Pretty pleased with this one if i do say so myself.  6x800 with a 400 recovery.  Avg pace for the 5.5 miles?  7:57.  Awesome.
And it's this guy's first birthday!
Happy Birthday Buddy!  You're 1 today!


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