Last night, J and I went to the baseball game.  The Tigers were in town, and that's my team!  J and I had made a bet on the series.  He picked the Reds, and naturally I had the Tigers.  He makes bets with my brothers when the Reds play their teams (the Yankees and the Mariners) as well.  When he bets with my brothers, they bet "Toledo Pizza" meaning Ginos or Vitos.  For our bet, we just bet dinner out, winner's choice.  I selected Mexican because J is NOT a fan of Mexican, so we almost never go out for it.  So that is what I always pick on my wins. 

Friday night, the Reds won.  We stayed up watching it.  They only won by one and they had to take it to extra innings, so I couldn't be too mad about it.  Although I was nervous that I was going to be buying ribs for dinner this Friday night (J selected Montgomery Inn if he won the bet!)  I like Montgomery Inn ok, but it is definitely not the first choice of restaurants to go to, even though I do enjoy it every now and again. 

Saturday, as previously mentioned, I got out for my first run in a week.  I was so glad to be back out there running that it was all I was thinking about!  It is amazing how happy 5 miles can make a girl!  I am hoping to rock out a few runs this week.  Mileage may not be there, but the legs will be moving in addition to my Turbo workouts!

J and I had a "date day" after my run.  We went to see the avengers at the regal theater up in Mason.  J wanted to see Prometheus, but honestly, I had zero interest in it.  I didn't really like Alien, it kind of grossed me out.  I really enjoyed the Avengers though.  Before we went J asked me who my favorite avenger was.  I just wanted to irritate him, so I told him Hawkeye.
I was right, he was irritated.  "I can't believe you said that.  You must know nothing about the avengers that you pick the character that no one else knows."  So I told him it was really Captain America.  Then he wanted to know why and I said it was because he was big and strong and handsome (obviously) and so at that point he stopped asking me questions about  it. 

After that, we headed to the bar to watch the second game of the Reds Tigers series.  I took home the win on this one, which basically meant that it would come down to the game that we were GOING to that would determine the winner of the bet!  So exciting!

We really enjoyed the game, especially me, since the Tigers ended up on top!  That means for Friday night date night/dinner out, we will be having Mexican food!

Breakfast this morning was a good call back to reality.
That is plain Greek Yogurt, some fresh strawberries, and a little sprinkle of granola on top.  It was delicious.


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