A Skipped Run, and New Kicks

I can't believe it is already June.  I can't believe it is only 18 days until my sister gets married, 39 days until J and I get to take a super awesome week in Mexico, and 138 days until my next marathon.  Where has the time gone this year?

But because time is moving so fast, I guess that means I need to stay on top of training because that 138 days is going to fly by.  I am trying to be moderate with my training to try and avoid some burnout, but at the same time, I have set myself some goals relating to this race that I would really love to achieve!  So I am trying to find the happy medium with training, food, running, Turbo, etc.  It has not been easy so far.

Last night when I was walking up the stairs to my house I noticed a nasty little tweak in my left knee.  I knew immediately what I could attribute it to and kind of grimaced at the thought.  Short answer: jumping + lateral movements + running shoes.  Yep.  I have been doing turbo in my retired marathon shoes.  Naturally those shoes are not made for the jumping and lateral movements that Turbo involves. 

So last night after having dinner with Carol, I headed over to Dick's sporting goods.  I have more than one $10 off a pair of shoes coupons from various races (and Turbo for a Cause!) and I decided to use one of them to get a pair of training shoes to wear so I can just have them for that.  I would much rather spend money on shoes than get hurt! 

I spent a long time browsing around the store, as I just adore new workout gear.  I definitely need NONE of it right now, but I just like looking so much!  There is this one under armor top that I want really bad.
I just love that shirt.  Plus the material is the same as all of my favorite non-Lulu running shirts!  It isn't THAT expensive, but I just don't need another shirt. 

I tried on swimsuits too.  One of these days I am going to start swimming and I am going to learn and become a good swimmer and do this triathalon!  I know it!  So at least now I know what SIZE suit I wear (I was kinda thrown by all the sizes that were in the 30s).  I didn't buy, but I know how they feel and stuff at this point, which was more than I knew before. 

And I picked my shoes out.
They are Nike Free TR Fit 2s and you can buy them here.  They do not appear to have the hot pink at the Nike store through, but they DO have them in that color on the Dick's Sporting Goods website, so if you like that color you can find them here.

I tested them out during today's Turbo HIIT workout, and it definitely was a lot better in them than in the running shoes. 

I skipped running this morning because of this tweaky knee.  I feel guilty about it because I always feel guilty about such things, but I know that I have been running 4 days per week, even the week right after the marathon, and maybe I need a rest and this knee thing was the way to tell me to do it.  So, deep breath, and enjoy Turbo.  I will run on Saturday.  Give myself a week off.


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