Reflecting on National Running Day - and my Fears about Running

Today is National Running Day.  And I must admit, I am SUPER disappointed.  My knee is not yet feeling good enough to run on, and so I am not going to, as much as I want to.  I know that a break is going to be super important as I am getting up to the official 18 week starting time, next weekend, but I really just need to take a deep breath now and take care of my legs. 

It's a little sad, but I am currently starting to feel a little bit nervous about marathon training.  I know that I have already done it.  I know that it went fast and that I honestly flew through it, but now that it is summer and there are a lot of other things that are going on, I am starting to feel uncomfortable.  I had so much fun training before.  But now that I have put actual pressure/goals upon myself besides "don't die on the course" I am feeling scared!  I have no idea why, either!

I already know that I can do these things, I have already done them.  All of them.  I have run 20 miles when I didn't feel like it.  I have run 6 days per week and wanted to die.  I have crossed the finish line at a marathon for goodness sake!  So why the bundle of nerves? 

I can think of a few reasons:
1. Currently in pain.  Obviously that will make a girl nervous even when she is more than 18 weeks out from her next biggie.
2. The longest I have done since the Pig was 10 miles.  And it didn't take too much effort.  And that makes me nervous for some reason.
3. I have signed up for this Beachbody thing.  I am trying to dive into it headfirst so I can start bringing in some dough.  It would be nice to have it to pay off my car/students loans and start working on saving a lot!  It's time consuming.
4. I still need to convince my husband.  I am thinking about buying him some Ohio State football tickets for their game the day before.  Then we'll already be there...  And I don't care if he stays in bed this time.  I can accept it.
5. I have set some big goals.  Including PR-ing this race by approximately 27 minutes (I ran 4:26, and I would like under 4 hours).

So yeah, needless to say, I am a little bit scared about it.  I am hoping to get out and do 8 miles, with no pace pressures on Saturday since my team is doing that.  And no pace worries since I will be coming off an injury.  I am just crossing my fingers that I can be there by then!


  1. Good luck! You are doing the right thing for your knee, I'm sure you'll be glad you took time off. I understand getting nervous too. I'm 18 days away from my second marathon and pretty nervous myself!

    Also, go bucks!


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