Recovering after a BAD night

Yesterday was a rough one in plan "get super lean & hot before Mexico."  It was pretty much a fail.  Although not at first!  I spent the day trying to eat the right things, fruits, veggies, lean proteins.  I even had my shake as an afternoon snack, and I planned a dinner that I thought was going to be easy and healthy, all within the plans I had laid out for myself! 

But J had a bad day, and I am easily swayed when he is the one doing the swaying.  So when he said bws, I said "in".  And then when he ordered a beer and boneless wings, I did too.  And then a second beer.  And then I was starting to feel it, and then I wanted ice cream.  That one was completely my fault, as J didn't want it.  But of course, he ordered it.  Lol.  And I went to bed feeling obscenely full.  And terrible.  Plus guilty.

I know that getting so down on yourself is bad.  It is definitely not the way to be, and I need to be able to move on and build myself back up.  I need to be able to take myself and turn myself into a machine. 

I planned some breakfast today that was going to be a little bit more cleansing, and then I am going to stick with my shakeology, lean proteins, and vegetables today.  I know that I will feel better as a result.  That is the way that will help me to feel better about myself and definitely be more confident in the fact that I didn't do any real damage to myself yesterday. 

I just got through today's Turbo workout, and I am feeling a little bit better.  I guess that is the most important thing to get to my daily goal. 

I have picked myself up and moved forward with my day because that is what a gal needs to do to be successful, right?


  1. Sometimes beer tastes even more irresistible than usual. Don't be down on yourself!


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