My Sister is a Missus! :)

So I am a survivor of another family wedding.  One where I had to give a speech!  I do not have any official wedding pictures yet, however.  So you will have to deal with the ones that came from my mother's camera, which are also limited because she obviously was a little busy during the wedding (although not as busy as me!) and she has only posted about 7 pictures onto facebook so far!

She is married.  That is the short response to the weekend.  She made it. 

On Thursday I went out with my dad and brother and uncle for dinner.  I am sure that I already mentioned that, but Uncle Mike posted a picture, so I felt like I should add that and remention.
They had Rivertown Blueberry on tap at that bar!

On Friday, as mentioned previously, we went to the salon to have our nails done.  This was the same salon that we went to before my wedding, and because it worked out so well, we figured it was definitely worth it to go back there again.  It is a great package where the bride pays for the following services: trial hair, trial makeup, actual hair, actual makeup, manicure, pedicure (fancy one that includes LOTS of good stuff), and a facial waxing.  The price for that is pretty darn good as well.  And then each bridesmaid (or mom) can get manicure, "toe-cure" (they cut your nails, oil your cuticles, and paint your nails), hair and makeup for $100!  Plus on the wedding day they have a little fruit cheese spread and you can bring champagne and stuff (we did).

Here is my sister, my mom, and I at the salon on Friday morning!
I honestly think I was wearing that exact same tank on my own wedding day.
Energy shots on my own wedding day.  Same top.  Its got a big neck for easy taking off over an updo.

We went over to my dad's that night for the rehearsal dinner.  Keep in mind that it was my birthday, and I was feeling like I was having a lousy day since the energy was all focussed on Rachie.  I tried to keep a smiling face, but I was fooling no one.  Haha.  J was there when I got there, and my brother Joe brought our dogs (he didn't have to be at the rehearsal).
J and I and the pups in my Dad's kitchen.  Not the greatest picture, but I assume someone else has a better one, maybe my sister?  They clearly were not happy to be held.  Look at Zeus trying to crawl away and Teek squirming!
This is the aftermath of the party in my dad's yard.  Yep.  Beer cans all over the place (almost none in the recycling bin).  It became a game.
I did not drink too much on Friday (I wanted to get that 9 miles in on Saturday!) so I felt fine when I got up on Saturday morning.  J left to go golf and I hit the trails at Wildwood.

After my run, I just hung out at home until it was time to hit the salon.  I got my hair and make up done (I had the same lady do my make up as who did it for my own wedding) I think I looked pretty.  The rest of the afternoon was filled up with running around and then prep for the wedding!  But Rachel was calm just in time to walk down the aisle and make it to married.  She gave a sweet little speech to Chris's kids about how she promised to love them as her own, etc.  I cried my eyes out.  I did NOT cry at my wedding though.  I think I was focused on nice pictures.  Haha.
Some wedding shots:

It was beautiful!


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