My First Day of Crossfit

I went to Crossfit last night.  Let's start out by saying that my new project is DEFINITELY trying to figure out how to make the cost of it work.  And also convincing J that him joining would be super sweet as well!
I talked to him about it already this morning, and he understood everything that I was saying.  So we'll kind of see where it goes from here.  We'll talk a little bit more about it when he gets home (he is in CA playing golf at Pebble Beach!) and maybe we'll do it together!

Yesterday's workout was called the "Deck of Death".
I am not sure if it was the routine deck of death WOD, but it was hard as hell anyway! 

When I got there I talked to the Coach (Seneca) and he had me get on the rowing machine.  He told me 2000m for a warm up.  Away I went!  Following my warmup, I went and found a spot on the floor near my friends Kevin and Brad.  I had no idea that they worked out there, so it was fun to find them.  I took a pvc pipe and worked on stretching my arms and shoulders with it (kinda following what the other people in the room were doing) until we started our group warm up. 

Group warm up consisted of the following:
1 minute squats
1 minute jumping jacks
1 minute mountain climbers
1 minute jump squats
Done in 4 rounds of back to back to back 15 second intervals.

We followed that up with some overhead squats using the PVC pipes for form (versus weight).  Once I figured out the correct placement of the bar it got easier.  At first I was wondering how they were all doing it without their bars coming forward.  But I got there.

Then we started the actual workout.  Here is how it works.
1. Number values are worth their numbers, facecards are worth 10.
2. Hearts are squarts
3. Spades are pushups
4. Clubs are kettlebell swings
5. Diamonds are burpees
6. Aces are a 200m sprint (in case I didn't get enough of those on Wednesday!)
7. Jokers (2 in the deck) were a one minute plank. 

Who knew that those 200m sprints were going to be sweet relief?  For all 4 I was 3rd back into the box and the first girl.  Woo!  The burpees nearly killed me.  By the end I  had very little control over my shoulders and their strength so I would just kind of flop down. And then work pretty hard to push myself back up and jump at the end.  My jumps were not high by the end, but I was still doing them!

So will I be going back to Crossfit?  We shall see.  Only time (and my husband!) will tell...


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