My Best Gift Ever from my Hubs

So yesterday, J and I had several errands planned for after my run in the morning.  We needed to go up to Lowe's to get some more joint compound and a few other things for the bathroom project that J and I were working on.  I also had to stop at a grocery to get strawberries and cake mix for today's cookout.

J suggested that we do Whole Foods instead of Kroger to get my few things, which I am ALWAYS up for a trip to Whole foods! 

I happened to notice on Whole Foods facebook page (my local whole foods) that they were demo-ing the Vitamix there.  And if, like me, you have been reading healthy living blogs for a while, you know that the Vitamix is THE kitchen appliance.  So I definitely wanted to go and check that out!  So when he suggested whole foods, I was all in.  Plus they would most likely have the things that I needed in order to make my dessert that I said I would make for the Father's day cookout today.

When we got there, we found the vitamix demos right away.  The guy was making soup and it was hot right out of the blender!  It was so cool.  He made tortilla soup and it was delicious.  J liked it too.  We stayed while he made some ice cream with spinach, lemons, avocado, and agave syrup!  After we tried the ice cream, we moved on and did our shopping.  Naturally, we ended up with more in our cart than planned. 

Then J went and told the demo guy that we wanted a vitamix!  I was so surprised and excited!  We ended up with the red one, which all of our other small kitchen appliances are red.
This morning I got it out and enjoyed it for the first time!  I made a smoothie with beets, spinach, bananas, lemon, berries, protein powder, and almond butter.

So delicious!


  1. I don't generally like beets, but that smoothie looks really good!


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