... Progress pictures.  It has been a little more than two weeks since I started on my TurboFire challenge, and some progress has been made.  In addition, the workouts are getting easier which is making me work harder!  I am definitely giving it at least 105% every day.  And I push for 110%.  Yesterday I had on the schedule HIIT 15 & Sculpt 30.  The "sculpt" and "tone" workouts are pretty much my favorite since I am a sucker for strength training. They went pretty well.  Working out with bands can be tricky, as I believe it takes some trial and error to get the right amount of resistance to get you a good solid workout.

Today is Fire 45EZ.  I love that one as well.  I definitely need to get those pictures taken and posted (meaning, I really need to get my camera charged so I can take them!  I turned it on this morning and well, it wouldn't.  "Battery exhausted.")

Running has been going pretty well as well.  At least this week.  The knee hurts, and I have kept it all taped up, which helps.  But it hurts way more when it is still (gets stiff very easily) than when I am running so I have tried not to worry too much about it.
KT-taped up, with a little puppy action on the side!

Today is a very good example of running, but still trying to keep myself careful.  I just wanted to run.  Nice and easy on the pace and get a few miles under my belt.  My quads were a little bit tight, so I just tried to shake everything out.  I had an easy run scheduled anyway.  :)  I ran a 5K and just focused on my stride.  I tried to shorten it a bit and focus on landing on my midfoot instead of my heel.  I have learned that I have a pretty wicked heel strike that definitely pronounces itself even more when I am tired.  So I need to work hard on making that better!

Yesterday I tried to do the speedwork workout that my coaches had planned for us.  It was all about 3s yesterday.  They were doing 3 sets of 3 300s.  So I did a little research on what my speeds should be for each of the 300s, as well as the distance of a 300 in mileage.  For your information, a 300 is 0.1875 miles. :-)  I knew that it would be easier to push myself to go really hard on the treadmill because I couldn't just slow down.  If I did, I would fall off! 

I originally was planning on setting the treadmill at 10.4 and running for 1:04.  The 1:04 was kind of a guesstimate based on my McMillan stuff.  Somewhere between that 41s 200 and that 1:27 400.  Kind of halfway even.  But anyway.  Somehow I derived that number.  So I ran a mile @ 8:57 pace to warm up, then I hopped onto the ledges of the treadmill to turn it up to 10.4. 

That was simply NOT going to happen.  So I slowed the TM down to 9.2.  MUCH slower.  And then I decided that I was going to run for 1:20.  I wasn't sure if that would get me to a 300 or not, as I was in the middle of the workout and math was not on my agenda (until later!)  but I figured it would be hard!  I did my first 3 with 1 minute of rest in between.  After those first three I was not sure I could do any more.  It was SO TOUGH!  So I slowed the treadmill back down to 8:57/mile and ran another mile.  By the time I was done with that mile, my confidence was back, so I decided to tackle the second set.  This time I turned it up to 9.5 but kept the 1:20 of sprinting.

I did my 3 next set of sprints more successfully than the first set.  They were definitely tough still.  Too tough to get through the third set, I am embarrassed to admit, but I did talk to Steph later and she said it was the same for the group when they did this workout for the first time, which had me feeling a bit better.  Later, when I got to the office and did the math, it turned out I did MORE than a 300, whoop!


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