Ice Cream!

So yesterday at work, this happened.

And this was followed by a cup of lemon sorbet and frozen blueberry greek yogurt.  It was SO DELICIOUS.  And well worth the extra calories.  I planned for them, so it was totally ok.

This morning I met up with my team at the store and we had a planned 10 miles.  Steph stuck with me since it was her longest run since her injury.  So she didn't want to push too far to run too fast.  I was glad I had someone to go with.  We both started hurting between 2 and 3 miles.  So we cut things short and ended up at 7.71 miles.  We didn't go fast at all either.  It was definitely just a comfortably easy pace.  I have some work to do when my knee finally starts feeling back to normal to get faster!


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