I Lack Motivation + I'm sick

I haven't talked a whole lot about this yet, but I am feeling down.  Stressed out, overwhelmed, unfocused, and lacking motivation.  Yes, yesterday I got out there and ran 6 miles and even did those 6 at a good clip, but I really had to force myself to get going.  I know that with a lot of people that is always the case.  They have to push themselves out the door, but once they are there, they are great! And that was the case with me yesterday, but it is not the norm.  Normally I am excited to get out there and go.  Normally I look forward to the gym. 
SourceYes, that is normally NOT me, regardless of how many other people it is.  Today though...  Ugh.  I know if I get my speedwork in after work I will feel better.  But right now I need to get AWAKE first.

I am through my lunch now.  I made a decent choice (as decent as I could get!) at sammy's.  Grilled chicken wrap with lettuce and buffalo sauce.  Fries (which I didn't finish) on the side.  After eating a full meal I am beginning to feel a little better, but I am definitely still pretty tired.  Do you think running will help clear out my sinuses a little?  I think I am willing to try.


  1. I think the rule is that if it's anything from the neck-upward, you're okay to run. If you can feel mucus in your lungs, you should put off running. Or maybe it's the other way around. Either way, I know that I've broken whatever the rule is. I don't recommend it. :)


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