Home Again. Celebrating starts.... NOW!

I am in my hometown for the weekend for my sister's wedding.  The celebrating officially begins for her at 11 am today, when we are all meeting at the salon, the same salon that we had our hair done at for my wedding. 

But first, we had a little celebrating for ME.  After all, today is my birthday and I am 29.  I can't say I feel different, although maybe a little hungover from celebrating with some of my relatives.

When I got to town, I went over to my dad's house.  Uncle Mike - my uncle who lives in Vegas - is in for the wedding, and he was having a field day with trees and rain.
Shamelessly stolen from his facebook page.  The caption he put on it was "There are trees at my brother's house!  What a novel concept!"

They took me to the Burger Bar for dinner.
The food there was pretty good.  I had a chicken sandwich (with ground chicken, so it was just like a burger!) and several too many beers, I think.  Like I said, potentially a little hungover this morning.  But not too bad to be honest, so after I eat breakfast with my friend today, I think I will be back at 100%!

This morning though, despite not feeling perfect, I wanted to get in a quick workout.  Sweat a little bit, and feel like I got my heart rate up, so I did the following little bootcamp.
It did exactly what it was supposed to do.  I broke a sweat, my heart rate climbed, and I did a little bit of strength work in there as well!

Off to get ready for my day and meet my mentor for breakfast!


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