First LR of Marathon Training, Round 2

So it is Rachie's wedding day.  And even though yesterday was tough because it was my birthday, but it was still all about her, she was trying to shift it toward me a little.  She got a cake at Meijer before the rehearsal dinner last night and wrote "happy birthday emmy" on it.  I definitely love her for it. :)

So the rehearsal happened last night.  It was quick and easy.  Nothing for me to worry about at all except not falling down!

J was at my dad's by the time we got there.  I am glad he is here because yesterday was a tough day for me with my breakfast buddy ditching me, then being at the salon for way way way too many hours.  I was moody though by that time because the day was getting to me.  I think I was just feeling a little sad about not having a birthday.  Lol.

This morning J had plans to go and play golf with some guys, so when he got up, I got up too and decided it was time to get this week's (and the first week of marathon training, round 2) long run in.  The group was doing 9 miles, and I decided to do the same.  For "shorter" long runs, I am doing my best to hold my marathon pace as much as possible or go even faster.
So today, 9.01 miles at 8:47 avg pace.  Success!


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