The Final Day in Chicago

We ended up out WAY too late on Saturday night.  I think we got on the shuttle at the library around midnight.  J and I had only brought one key down with us, so when he went to the Whiskey Bar - that is apparently where the bridal party was going after the wedding - I went up to the room to get another key so neither of us would be dependant on the other to go to bed.  I headed back down to the Whiskey Bar where J was with the bridal party and my sister and her fiance.  I stayed down for about 10 minutes and then headed up to bed because I had very early morning plans for Sunday!

Well, they were at 7:30.  That is not the same as my 4:30 usual runs on weekdays, but after being out until well past midnight, plus tons of dancing and drinking?  7:30 was going to sneak up FAST! 

At 10 after 7 the next morning, my alarm went off.  I grabbed the clothes I had set out the night before and went in the bathroom to get dressed since I did not want to wake J (who came in around 2:30 am!).  I got into my RUNNING clothes!  If you follow me on daily mile, you will have already seen that I hit the bike path with my uncle!  I had heard when they got to town on Saturday that he had brought his running stuff specifically to catch a run with me. 

I had not originally been planning on running 2 days when I was there, only one, so I had only packed one running ensemble!  Luckily I had more than one pair of socks!  My tank that I had worn the other day for my 10 was sweaty at the time, so now it was just a little dank and smelly.  But I put it on anyway and headed down to the lobby where I was meeting Uncle Joe for the run.  He was already up and walking around outside.  He told me that he isn't so young anymore so he cannot just get up and start running anymore.  Probably I shouldn't do that anymore.  Haha. 

We headed over to the lake and ran to the Pier and back.  Per the Garmin, we ran a 9:15 avg pace for 4.37 miles.    He is really good at keeping pace is what I learned over that 40 minutes.  It was starting to get EXTREMELY hot, especially since the day before it was around 65* all day!  I was sweating buckets.  After the run I showered and waited for J to get ready.  There was a post-wedding brunch planned by the brides parents at our hotel.  The food there was delicious and everyone seemed really tired.  I guess that is to be expected, right? 

After brunch, the rest of the family left, and J and I decided to walk/shop/hang out.  We walked all the way down Michigan, stopping in shops when we thought we wanted to (OR needed some air conditioning).  I bought some new panties at Vickie's since little Zeus apparently LOVES momma's panties - I find them under the bed with the crotch eaten out fairly frequently - and eventually we made it all the way to Millenium Park!  We checked out the Fountain and the Bean, of course, and then started back.  We stopped at a little bar called Sweetwater for a beverage (well, one for J, I just had water!).  J was hoping that it was the same sweetwater as the Atlanta brewery, but unfortunately, it was not. 

We went through the Water Tower Place, checking out every single floor and going in to shops when the sang to us.  They had a sporting apparel type store that had some great stuff.  J and I both found things that we liked, but since neither of us needed anything, we resisted. 

Dinner was at Tavern on Rush, which was right across the street from our hotel.  The food there was AMAZING.  I just had a turkey burger, but they had just the perfect blend of herbs and spices in it that it was just amazing.  I drank a few Goose Island 312 beers as well (yum!) and then one more beer to finish the trip at Whiskey Bar.

We hit the road early on Monday to spend all afternoon at home.


  1. Sounds like a really fun trip! Nice job getting those runs in-- the heat is intense lately! I am not a fan of summer running. :)


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