A Delicious Dinner and an AWESOME run!

Last night I made kind of a killer Vitamix dinner.  J and I are trying to get lots of use out of it, obviously, so last night it was used to make a sauce.  I made spinach pesto!  It was a little tricky because I did not need the full amount that the recipe called for, so when I halved it, it was right at the level of the blades in the vitamix, so I had to shake it up a bit to get it all blended.  Next time I will just make the full batch and freeze some.

So I made pesto and we used it as the sauce on some flatbread pizzas!

Mine.  Pesto, chicken and cheese on a whole grain flatbread.  J's has the tomato on it.  I just hate tomatoes!
Our delicious dinner!  It was not super healthy, but it was not particularly bad for us either, especially not for being "pizza" basically.

And since there were strawberries leftover from the Father's Day cookout at Angela's on Sunday, I needed to use them.  Especially since they were already all cut up!
Strawberry sorbet, also in the vitamix.  This only took about 2 minutes to make!  And it was good, cold, and flavorful.  Definitely something that could use a repeat in the future!

I got up for a second day in a row to get a workout in.  Tuesdays are one of the 4 days per week that I like to get a run in.  Tuesday is also TEMPO day!  I am needing to work really hard right now.  It was my first official run of training for Columbus, so I wanted to crush it, and decided to run a nice little tempo progression run.  By the end of it I didn't feel bad in any way, so I didn't slow down any where near as much as I had originally planned on!  Here was the 6 miles that I covered.
I wished I had more time.  I was just feeling so good this morning!  Have you had a run like that?  Where you know it is going really well, and so you just want to keep going?  This was an awesome run, I feel.  Tomorrow the team is doing Yassos.  I am not sure yet how many they are doing.  I know that typically you also do an 800 for recovery, but I am not sure if I will do it that way or not.  We'll see!


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