Death by Track

I got out there last night and got my speed work done.  I didn't set my watch probably so I don't have actual splits for my 200s.  Lame.  Next time I do speedwork on the track (I am going to work on this.  It will be better than on the treadmill, as it will push me to go faster!)  I am going to get my watch set to beep at my prescribed intervals.  That way I will better be able to check my pace for those intervals.  I did figure out how to do this after all.

My workout looked like this:
1/2 mile warm up
15x200m with a 200m recovery
1 mile cooldown (1/2 mile on the track, 1/2 mile to run home!)

I originally wanted to do 20x200m but I was DYING.  Seriously, it was hot and this was HARD!

The site of this death by workout.

Tonight my workout will be Crossfit.  It will be the first time I have tried such a thing.  Normally, it is my easy run day, but I will push that to tomorrow, I think!  I am really looking forward to trying this out tonight!


  1. Oo Enjoy Crossfit! I just started it a couple of weeks ago. It's very fun!

    1. I am really excited. But a little nervous because its so expensive, and i have a feeling i might love it!


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