Challenges and No Running

I am not over the fact that I did not run on running day.  I wore my knee sleeve on the left side all day, and even slept in it.  When I woke up this morning, it was feeling a lot better.  I knew I probably shouldn't just get up and run though, no matter how much I wanted to, but I decided that maybe I didn't need the sleeve today.  Yep, it is 9 am on Thursday and the knee is hurting as much now as it was Wednesday, pre-sleeve.  Apparently I was not yet ready for without it, and definitely not yet ready to run. 

I am still hoping to get in 8 miles on Saturday though.  That would be pretty much ideal, I believe. 

Not being able to run this week and forcing my body to take a break from something it has been doing very consistently for the last 6 months has been really tough.  But I am hoping that like being injured last fall, it renews my love of the sport and helps me to get through another round of marathon training.  I am feeling ready and eager to get the show on the road, but my nerves are definitely still getting to me a little bit!

After today I will have done two weeks of my Turbo Fire workouts.  I have adjusted the schedule a few times to make it work in my life, but I am doing the workouts in the order prescribed.  An example of my alterations: the schedule says that Wednesdays are the day off, but I take Sundays off from running/lifting, so wouldn't it be nice to have Sundays COMPLETELY off, so I shifted Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays workouts one day forward.  That way I am completely off on Sundays and start a fresh new workout week on Monday, just like my training plan!

I actually joined a challenge group when I bought the program, so I am going to be posting to that group with them regularly to help keep me on track.  Eventually, I hope to start a few challenge groups of my own to keep the business rolling.  I need to speak with Liza about it first though (we have a call scheduled for Monday evening) to kind of try and get some insight on it and all of that.

So the challenge involves following the schedule for the workout (check), daily shakeology (check), posting in the facebook group daily, and weight/measurements once per week.  I am planning on doing my initial weight and measurements today.  I would love to LEAD some challenges of my own, so I definitely am keeping my eyes and ears open to people who might be interested in participating!

I am feeling much better today than I was yesterday with the knee stuff, so I am ON for 8 miles tomorrow.


  1. Aw man, no fun. I hope you feel good for your 8 tomorrow and feel better overall after. Need that runners high!

    1. No kidding. Even though I am still getting workouts in, I MISS IT!


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