Cake = Guilty.

I made a new running friend.  Well, we have not actually met yet, but she is a good running friend so far, and I am COMPLETELY excited to run with her in the coming weeks and months!  She seems to be similar in pace and endurance to me.  So I think it will be a fun fit, and I am looking forward to meeting her "officially" next weekend!

After yesterday's yassos, my body was BEAT.  I relaxed the rest of the day, which is definitely normal after a hard track workout.  And I ate a piece of cake at work as we had it for June birthdays.  I am a June birthday, so I figured I definitely should eat the cake.  Haha.  But because of it, I pretty much spent the rest of the day feeling guilty.  Now let's be honest.  This is not a normal or a healthy behavior.  So I told J that I was feeling guilty about it in order to get it off my chest.  Plus, I knew that he would think that was dumb, therefore, knock a little sense into me.  And he pretty much did, so that helped.

I ran a 5k this morning, at a really easy pace (9:45 avg) because I needed the easy.  I was just worn out from Yassos.  My legs were anyway.  Plus I didn't sleep all that great last night.  But I got out there, and I got it done.

I am headed to Toledo this afternoon.  My sister is getting married on Saturday.  I am looking forward to the wedding, I am looking forward to wearing my dress, and I am REALLY looking forward to leaving work a little early.  I am BEAT!

Sorry this is a short one.  There are a few work things I want to get done and then I am definitely allowing myself to leave!


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