A Birthday Question, and more with the Vitamix

Yesterday Zeus very much wanted to wish my dad a Happy Father's Day!  So here he is doing just that.
He was growling at me as I took that picture.  And yes, he does look EXTRA teeny in this picture.  He is a healthy weight per the vet, he just looks dumb all shaved like he is, but it is keeping him cool in this hot weather we are having.

Now I have a lulu opinion question for you.  As you all know by now, it is my obsession.  So when J's mom and sister asked what I wanted for a birthday gift, J told them gift cards to there.  So they drove up to Hyde Park yesterday to go to that store to get me presents!  My birthday is not until Friday, but because Rachel is getting married this weekend, I won't see them for my birthday.  So since I was at Angela's yesterday for Father's Day, she gave me my gifts then.  And Jenny (my MIL) got me this jacket (and a gift card).
SourceThe nothing-to-hide jacket.  I tried it on when we got home last night, and if fits fine, I am just not sure that I would wear it.  I love all things with thumbholes, so that helps, but it is kind of a rain jacket that also has mesh so it is breathable.  I feel like in the rain I would be grateful to have it, but how often would I wear it?  Does anyone have thoughts on this?  Its a pricey one, so I could get a top AND pair of shorts if I took it back...

This morning I managed to get up at 435, which as you know has been a bit of a struggle for me lately.  It was not a run day, so I went to the gym to get some strength training in.  I spent more time on legs than on upper body today, although I did do both.  I even did some squats with light weight.  I am hoping if I can strengthen the muscles around my knee, than my knee will hurt less!  That is possible, right?

So I got through my full body workout this morning which felt great.  I have once again been slacking on my weight training due to running and now to turbo.  I am worn out.  Honestly, doing turbo every single day might have been a mistake, but I am getting there.  I will get through it.  :)

After showering, it was time for another vitamix shake for the day.  More veggies, more fruit!
 This smoothie has a carrot, 2 cups spinach, two scoops of protein powder, one banana, and 1 cup of berries.

I split it up between my glass and J's so he could have some too.  I am honestly not so sure about the carrot, but I wanted to give it a try since I bought carrots at the store yesterday.  I bought them to use in the soup I am planning on making in the vitamix later this week, but I bought three and I only need two!  So now the third went into this morning's smoothie/juice mixture.  We are also planning on trying sorbet with the strawberries we have left from the shortcake I brought for the fathers day cookout.


  1. Keep the jacket! You'll be really happy that you have it when you need to get out and it's raining, even if it's a rare occasion.


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