Back Running

I finally got back on the running horse yesterday.  It felt so good to be back at it.  I mean, it was not the easiest run that I have ever done, but I was definitely happy with getting out there the way that I did.  Our running group met at 7:30 am yesterday instead of our usual 8 am.  I think 7:30 is something that is going to be sticking around for the majority of the summer.  At least, I hope that it is because it sure was hot by the time that my run was over. 

The original plan, as I posted the other day, was 8 miles.  That was what was on the schedule for the marathon/half marathon group, which is definitely what I am in.  However because of all of the pain that I was having with the knee all week, I wasn't sure that was the best option for me.  And it seemed like no one else was sure that was the best option either.  I think only one person ended up doing 8 miles.  Maybe two. 

But Coach Steph was not feeling well still, she has that same pain that I have been having, but hers is almost completely debilitating for her.  Its not exactly knee pain, but more like a little bit of quad pain.  Its on the left side, just above the knee.  So low quad?  High knee?  I don't know.  Steph had talked to someone that she knows that has FAR more marathon experience than we do, and she mentioned tiny muscle strains and tears in the quad muscles post marathon, especially with all of the hills in the Pig.

The pain has pretty much been there when running ever since the marathon, I remember Steph and I talking about it when we went on a little 8 miler about 2 weeks after the marathon.  We both were already feeling it then.  I am ok now.  I mean, yes, it hurts a little but hers pretty much tore, I think because she is feeling REALLY bad. 

So I went out for 5 miles.  Most of the group did that.  It ended up being 5.2 miles for 48 minutes.  I am pleased with the run, especially for my first one in a week.  I am hoping to get in all 4 runs that will be my marathon training plan this week.  I am feeling better.  Things did hurt a little bit while running yesterday, but it was much better than it had been, and so I am definitely ready to be back at it!  I miss the long runs (even though I know that J definitely does not!)


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