Speedy Treadmill Session

After yesterday's vulture scare, I decided that this morning would be a good time to run on a treadmill.  Well, I really did run on the treadmill, but it was not because of the vultures.  But that would have been a legitimate reason I think.  I am still afraid for the safety of my eyeballs!  I decided it was a good day for the treadmill because I was not going to make to the group speed workout tonight, so I was going to do the speed work on my own.

In the email that Coach Steph and Coach Brett sent out last night, the Run Happy Hour workout was going to be one of two things.  It completely depended on whether or not the track at the high school was available or not.  It has been pretty busy recently as it is high school district/regional time, and Mason has a good program and a nice track.  Because of that, it has been used fairly often.  Hence the two speed work workouts since the marathon we have done mile repeats and hill sprints.

So Coach Steph told me that if the track was available, they would be doing 200 repeats, and if not, fartleks.  The plan would include a 1.5 mile warm up, then 20-ish minutes of fartleks, and then a cooldown.  So I figured that 2 minutes on, 2 minutes off of fartleks would be a decently straightforward treadmill workout.  I planned on covering that, and then cooling down with whatever distance, to get me to a full 45 minute treadmill workout.  Original plan was 50 minutes, but then the gym ended up opening 5 minutes late, and morning workouts at the gym are tight times.

So when I got to the gym, I set the treadmill at 6.7 mph which the treadmill says is 8:57 miles.  This is just slightly slower than my "steady state pace" (Yay, McMillan calculator!)  Only 3 seconds per mile slower to be exact.  I ran at that pace until 14 minutes, which had me slightly over a mile and a half and then kicked up the treadmill to 7.7 mph (7:47/mile pace).  I alternated between those two paces for 20 minutes (5 fartleks) and then set it at 6.7 to finish out the run.  At 45 minutes, I had covered 5.17 miles, which averages out to a 8:42/mile pace, which I am definitely pleased with.  I am definitely starting to feel like with hard work I should be able to crush that 4 hour marathon goal!  (Not to mention a 5K PR, a 10K pr, and a sub25 minute 5K!)


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