Now that the marathon is behind me, I figured it was time to sit down and really focus on what it is that I want to do/need to do next.  YES I am already registered for another marathon and YES it is on October 21 (Columbus OH!) so there will be running as a part of this plan, regularly even.

However, I do not want my life to be so revolved around running as it was during Pig training.  The reason I allowed myself to run 6 days/week was because I have never ever run a marathon before.  I had a coach (well, my running group coach) design a plan and for my first marathon, I wanted to stick to that 100%.  I knew it would be with that that I would feel the most successful.  And I did.  I was adequately prepared for 26.2 miles and I ran successfully.  Now for me, success is not defined by the time that I ran this marathon in.  It is simply the fact that I ran a marathon.  Heck, I didn't just run a marathon, I ran the Flying Pig, an extremely difficult (traditionally) marathon!  And it has appeared on more than one list of the "most fun marathons" see here and here. 

But anyway, enough about that.

Fitness/Health goals Post-Pig:
1. run 4x per week.  This includes:
         - 1 long easy pace run
         - 1 track/speed workout
         - 1 tempo run
         - 1 other run (TBD)
Tracking & results relating to this goal:
         - track runs on daily mile
         - keep better pacing logs to track improvements
         - PR at Columbus
2. strength train 2-3x per week
         - Kara Goucher's Strength Training for Runners workouts
         - misc Tone It Up workouts
         - New Rules of Lifting for Women
Tracking & results relating to this goal:
         - increase squat/deadlift 1 rep max
         - use SP to track workouts
         - keep notebook in car for the gym
3. Update my diet, clean things up
         - read the Primal Blueprint
         - cook "clean" meals
         - pack lunches more
Tracking & Results relating to this goal:
         - cook one new clean recipe per week. 
         - weekly weigh in
         - track food/beverages via spark or some other site

I have a lot going on, and I really hope that I can find some solid balance and make everything work this summer!


  1. Congratulations on finishing your marathon!! I hope you plan to post a recap soon! Can't wait to hear about it.


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