A retirement (of my shoes)

I am clearly "back" post marathon.  I feel pretty darn good.  At lunchtime yesterday I got into my running gear and headed out for a midday run.  I currently know what my ultimate goal is, but I am not sure yet how I am going to get there.  I have a decent idea right now, but I am just trying to do different things for the moment and see what happens. 

Main goal: Run the Columbus Marathon in under 4 hours.

Side goals (in no particular order):
1. Find running and lifting balance
2. work on my diet and clean it up
3. be a good wife and doggie mom while training (more balance!)
4. Maintain some focus

So that is it when it comes to health and fitness. 

My runs since the Pig include a 4 mile progression run (each mile was faster than the one before it), a 4 mile tempo run (with 6 total miles) with tempo pace averaging around 8:53,

and today a 3 mile run which included 4x400 at 8:00/mile.  Tomorrow will be used for lifting and on Saturday we have a 10K scheduled with the group. 

I have learned a lot about nuun and started drinking it regularly.  It was particularly awesome during yesterdays 6 miler.
(PS - have you seen this Simple Hydration bottle?  I got it at my running store and I flipping LOVE it.  It is so easy to carry.)

I also retired my first pair of asics.  Ever.
Don't worry, Cumulus 13s, you will enjoy your afterlife as everyday shoes. :-)  Its weird to be wearing them with the regular insoles in them.  I have just been wearing my orthotics with them ever, so the regular insole is very cushy.  And since I have 2 other pair from various recent expos, I am not too worried.  I have them nice and replaced.


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