Planning my Workouts

It is Monday, we have entered yet another week.  I am struggling to believe that it is already late May!  My sister is getting married in just 33 days.  I am already two weeks past the Flying Pig.  I have already been back at running, trying to fit in strength training, trying to figure out what kind of food is going to get me lean and strong.  It has been an experiment so far, with more than a few failures, especially when we go out to dinner.  Those pretzel buns at the Tap House are way too delicious not to eat.  And also, the beer.

So I guess coming on to some kind of balance is going to be the key to my life! 

I had a talk with my hubs last weekend (on Friday night) after a near meltdown at my office on Friday morning.  I am not sure why I suddenly felt so overwhelmed with my life, but I just lost it.  I cried to Joe, Bryan, Leah, my twitter, and Katie.  I just couldn't get the fact that J thinks that my running is selfish out of my head.

So when we were eating dinner, I said to him, "I hate when you call running selfish."  And that kind of got the ball rolling.  We definitely argued for a few minutes, and then kind of got to the heart of the matter.  Since the marathon (well, a few weeks before) I have been terribly off schedule.  My body has been demanding different things (like sleeping through my 4:30 am workout) which throws our family schedule off.  I feel guilty if I don't get my workouts in, so I do it after work then, meaning I am not accomplishing other things, and dinner is later. 

So my take away from all of this is: stay on task.  Haha.  I am working on creating a workout schedule for myself as well as a "to do/chore list".  That way, I will know what I need to get done and when, so I stay on task.  I know it seems silly, but if I don't have a list of things to accomplish, I will definitely accomplish zero things.  I know that I am a grown up and so I should be able to stay on task better than that, but apparently, I cannot.  So I am going to just go with it!

So on that note, I added my workout plan for this week to my google calendar, which I have shared with my husband.  I want to add more, but I am trying to figure out my long run schedule, which will be much easier once I have a training plan for the Columbus Marathon all hammered out.  I am getting closer to finalizing it, but not quite there yet.  I am hoping for a long run schedule for the coaches here pretty soon, so I can hammer out the long runs and schedule my distances around that for the during the week runs.

So this morning when my alarm went off at 4:35 am, up I went.  I got dressed and I headed to the gym for a full on strength training session.  I planned a full body workout.  I did 3 sets of 12 reps of the following exercises, utilizing all of the "Hoist" machines:
After all of that, I did a few sets of different core exercises including standard crunches, reverse crunches, back extensions, and bicycle crunches.  Rumor has it you get faster with a stronger core!  J and I are discussing redoing p90x, but if I become a Beachbody coach (this is looking to be more and more likely EVERY DAY!) then we might be switching that up with something different!  I am leaning toward turbo fire right now.


  1. I'm a list person too, especially at work! Good luck with staying on schedule and the Columbus training plan. I think I've decided not to do Columbus even though I really want to. Between our current schedule (I'd really be overbooking races) and the flight cost, it might have to wait until 2013.


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