Next on My Agenda

Today begins another week of hunting for that balance in my life with my running versus lifting.  Last week ended up pretty well, actually.  Here is the run down of last week's workouts:
Let's be honest, that is not too bad for a week after the marathon.  I ran over 19 miles.  I also did all four strength workouts that are in the first week of the the Live Fit workout program.  I would definitely call that a success!  I am not sure where marathon training is going this time just yet.  Our coaches realized this weekend that our team is training for 4 different marathons in the fall.  (Air Force, Columbus, Chicago...  and another one that I cannot remember) I don't think that they have quite figured out how to approach it since last fall the whole group was training for Columbus, and we were obviously all after the Pig this spring!

So next up on my personal marathon agenda?
Hooray for Columbus!  Double hooray for the fact that they decided to route the full marathon course INTO the Shoe!  I am very excited for that especially. 
That part is going to be extra awesome, and is definitely the best way to convince my husband that this marathon is a GREAT idea.  The Buckeyes will be in town the day before, so I might try and get my hands on a pair of tickets for that game, so we can go to that, and then I can run the marathon the next day.  It might be a great way to get J involved in the marathon unexpectedly! 

I started off my day today with a wee bit of cross training.  I hit the elliptical at the gym this morning for 40 minutes, which was a nice change from running (although I have plans to run either tonight or tomorrow!) and then went back at lunchtime for some lifting.  I decided that since I got through the complete first week of LiveFit, I could move on to week 2, which was more of the same.  Here is today's notebook entry:
I just dressed casually for the gym today.  No fancy wicking tees even, which is my typical attire.  I just wore a t shirt.
I am twisted funny in the pic, plus I have my elbow in front of my belly, which I think maybe makes it look like it is a little round... but trust me, its not, not yet! *winks*  There is still quite a bit of discussion that needs to happen before we can even THINK about that!


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