My NEW Running Outfit!

Last night, as I said, I did a 4 miler with two miles at my goal 5k pace.  I did it in my new, post marathon outfit, which is obviously from lululemon, now that we have TWO stores locally (before last September we had zero) and I might have a small obsession with that store!
Yeah, I look dumb, I get it, but it gives you an idea of how boss my new outfit is!

I am a girl who was not blessed with a large top half, so this chaturanga tank works fine for my little chest.  It isn't super supportive, but plenty for me.  I would say the support it offers is more than a basic target (C9 Champion) sports bra, but less so than my good moving comfort ones.  The shorts are their turbo run short which I selected specifically because they were slightly longer than the speed short, which made me nervous.  They were awesome for running in.  The material felt great on my skin and I had no issues with improper rubbing.  I will have to test them out on a longer run, but so far, so good!

I have been spending a lot of time with these guys over the last few days.

They LOVE their mommy, can't you tell?


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