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I took a break from updating about our trip to talk about Turbo, so I am ready to get back at the trip now.

I left off with running 10 miles on city streets.  And it was hot.  And city running is super weird, etc, so let's get back to the fun! 

I hung out and watched some television and researched nearby restaurants until J got back from his meeting, and then we decided to go and hit up Rock Bottom for an appetizer (lunch) and a few adult beverages while we watched a little baseball.  Now we have a Rock Bottom in Cincinnati, but we thought it might be fun to check out a different one.  I liked the restaurant itself a lot more than ours.  The layout and space was a lot different, and I LOVED the unfinished brick walls.  The beer and menu were pretty much the same, although it WAS Chicago craft beer week, so they had several different selections that were more up J's alley than mine. 

After Rock Bottom, we walked around thecity for a little while before decided to head back to our room and rest.  It was going to be a long weekend.  J had made dinner plans with his friend from the CME at Goose Island, so we did a little hunting to figure out where that was and how long it would take us to get there.  After determining that, we walked down the street to Lululemon, where J bought me my birthday present.  Early, but I will take it, especially when it is from there! 

He purchased for me:
Source - Turbo Run shorts (same as the black ones I bought for myself after the marathon.)  My new ones are not this color, but you get the idea!
Source - Tame me tank - in this color.  I have not gone out to test this one yet, but I am really really looking forward to it.

He also bought himself something from there, a pullover.  He wears black 1/4 zip pullovers all the time, so I am not surprised this is what he selected for himself!  It definitely makes me feel better than he bought something for himself there though.
Dinner at Goose Island started with the cab ride over there.  Then I met J's new friend and his wife.  The beer at Goose Island was awesome.  I selected one called Fiona, and drank two of them.  I ordered a burger, and honestly, it was just ok.  It wasn't bad, it just was not anything special. 

The next morning, we decided to go for a walk.  We headed over to the beach (we figured out how to get over there, unlike on my run the day before.)
 It was the first weekend the beaches were even open!  It seemed to be one of the situations where a lot of people were like "I know its chilly, but it is my first time here this summer, so I am going in the water!"  Crazies.  It was not even that warm out on Saturday.  We walked from where we were on the Lake (we were considered to be staying in the "near north") all the way to Navy Pier.  We decided when we got there to have lunch at Harry Caray's Tavern.  I bought J a shot glass and a beer koozy because he loves stuff like that from bars he visits.  We just shared little pizza and an appetizer.  I had never been to the Pier in all of the times that I had been to Chicago in the past, so after lunch we just walked around and checked things out.
Gotta love self taken (well, J taken) photos!

J decided we should take a cab back to our hotel, and my sister, mom, aunt, uncle and a few cousins were just arriving.  We hung out with them in the lobby for a little while (their rooms were not yet ready, and they didn't call ahead for early check in like we had the previous day!) and we decided to meet in the lobby prior to the wedding to catch a cab together.  Everyone cleaned up very nice and we went to the wedding which was a full Catholic Mass in a beautiful old church.  The priest was awesome.  He was funny and made jokes and kept everyone engaged in the ceremony, which I thought was really great.

There was some time between the wedding and the reception, so J and I hit up the Whiskey Bar in the hotel to have a beer and get the evening started on the right foot!  The rest of the family came back down from their rooms to head on over to the reception a bit later, and we all went over to the Washington Library together.

John and Ashley had a band, which was fun, food that was delicious, and a bridal party that had a surprise for them (a choreographed dance! - check out the link, you can hear John and Ashley making comments throughout!)  Not to mention that they looked amazing and so happy.
Overall, it was an AMAZING wedding.

Next up, Sunday and our drive home!


  1. Love the new Lululemon duds, super cute!

    1. Thank you thank you. Me too. Those are the best shorts!


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