Marathon Week- Thursday: 3 Days to Go

I am really beginning to get nervous now.  I think that is because of this morning's run.  I decided I needed to force myself out of bed at 4:35 for the first time this week (I will do it tomorrow too) since I am planning on heading out VERY early on Sunday morning to allow for the most time that I might need prior to the race!  I am trying to get my body back on its early morning schedule.

Let me back up a little bit.  Last night after getting home I did another Live Fit workout, shoulders & abs so I wouldn't feel like I was completely slacking this week on my strength training, since it is more important to me anyway.  I am not liftings legs this week for sure, and shoulders and abs was doable at home unlike back and biceps (which is on tap for lunch today!) so I figured, why not?  I busted out my 5 and 15 lb dumbbells (my shoulders need a LOT of work!) and set to it. 

Afterward, J and I walked up to fedex/kinkos to get our passport photos taken.  We probably should not have put it off as long as we had, but at least it is done.  Tomorrow I will mail in the applications.  I needed a new one for my new name (my old one didn't expire until 2020!) and J's was expired.  Now we need to get them in and cross our fingers that they are in by July! 

I cooked some dinner while J mowed the front lawn.  We went very summertime on our meal, and I made sweet potato fries and asparagus (roasted in the oven) and burgers on the grill.  It was a delicious dinner that I would be will to repeat immediately.  So I might, tonight, when I am on my own since J is at softball. 

So anyway, we headed up to bed around 8 pm and watched one episode of Lost.  Well, it was the second half of the pilot, actually.  I think we're ready to watch it now.  J watched it religiously when it was on, and I did not, but I always have been curious.  He has all of the seasons on DVD or blu-ray, so now that he is ready to rewatch, we are watching it together.

When my alarm went off, I got up as planned.  I got dressed in shorts and a tank and headed out the door.  I had only three miles planned, since we are so close to the finish line.  It was tough.  My legs felt heavy and I felt tired.  I got through it with around a 9:37/mile pace.  I was not pushing it AT ALL, which I felt was probably important. 

Only 3 more days!


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