Marathon Week - Friday: 2 days to Go

I am nervous.  That is really all I can say at this point. 

I haven't ever done too much thinking about myself as potentially an emotional eater, but yesterday I realized I am.  I guess it is good to notice these things.  I was on some kind of sugar tear.  I think it was nerve related for sure.  A few more pieces to my starburst wrapper chain were created, and I also ate a package of fruit snack gummy things.  I love those, but I would like to cut them out as they are pretty much sugar.

So I am going to work on taking notice of all of these things on Monday.  Monday.  The day AFTER the race.  First stop, cutting out added sugar.  Second stop, cutting gluten and getting my carbs from vegetable sources.  That's my first step I think to start getting back to leaning out!  We shall see where I go from there.  I have been reading a book that is causing me to think about my diet A LOT lately.

The Primal Blueprint (I have my copy on my kindle, and lets be honest, a picture of my kindle in its red case might be pretty, but is not going to tell you a whole lot about the book!)

Have you heard of this?  It is similar to the Paleo plan that lots of crossfitters follow, but this plan allows "tubers" (potatoes), especially of the sweet variety, which lets be honest, I could not give up!  The book is written by Mark Sisson, the man behind Mark's Daily Apple, a blog that I have been religiously following for about a year.  He also (in addition to my favorite sweet potatoes) allows most fruits, minimal VERY dark chocolate as a treat, and even the occasional alcoholic beverage (red wine is the best for the antioxidants, followed by white, followed by beer).  Now this is a plan I could get behind!

I am going to try and move into it slowly.  I plan on continuing to race and train for BIG races, the Columbus marathon is less than 6 months away after all.  So it is going to be a focus on proper fueling and leaning out all at once.  We shall see.  I am getting excited for the future.

This morning I hit the gym at 5 am in my "make sure I am adjusted to waking up for Sunday" method.  I did the back & biceps workout that I skipped yesterday because I was on a hunt for marathon appropriate sunglasses.  It went well.  I skipped running, but I am down to only 2 days!  That must be ok, right?


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