A Little Crosstraining is Good for the Soul

I started a new challenge yesterday.  In addition to my sub-4 or bust marathon goal, my run a sub-25min 5K goal and my various other PR-type running goals, I need to be doing something non-running.  I don't want to get burned out, I want to get lean, I want to be cut.  And so now is the time to really start working toward that so I can get stronger, run faster, and of course, look HOT on my vacation to Mexico. 

So when I signed up to be a Beachbody coach, I bought what they call a "challenge pack".  The challenge pack comes with everything that you need to get started with one of their programs.  This includes a workout package (I chose Turbo Fire), Shakeology, which is their best selling product (I chose the new Vegan Tropical Strawberry flavor), all of the nutrition guides, workout schedules, etc.  In addition, I signed up to be a coach at the same time, so my initial coaching fee was knocked down to zero.

So TurboFire started yesterday.  Liza, my upline coach, says that you should use the products and tell your story to really help building your business.  So I am going to use Turbo and Shakeology to learn more about a product that I really have not used previously.

So with Day 1, I figured a progress picture (or lack thereof) was a must.
So there are my starting photos.  I plan on doing updates every 30 days since it is a 90 day program.  Keep your eyes here as well as on my "progress updates" page for the comparison shots and thoughts so far.  I hope to see some major changes in these pictures over the next 90 or so days!


  1. I love Chalene so I've been thinking about trying Turbo Fire. Looking forward to hearing what you think about it :)


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