Flying Pig Marathon: Race Recap - Part II

So I left off running into Madisonville and finishing the 13th mile. 

There were a decent number of people out here on Bramble, the longest stretch in Madisonville.  That was kind of unexpected to me.  There was definitely what I would consider a University of Dayton house, with a whole bunch of folks in their mid twenties partying in the front yard.  They had good signs and were handing out cups of beer.  I did not take one.  I did not think beer was going to help me finish the second half of this marathon. 

We then were running down Murrary street, which has a large blvd down the middle and you could then see the runners that were ahead of us coming back the other direction.  This section was considered to be Mariemont.  We knew we were going to have a friend in Mariemont cheering for us (I found out this morning, that she was not there, she slept in.  Lame) so we continue to stop at EVERY water/gatorade stop to attempt to keep ourselves hydrated.  It was really starting to get hot, and the shade was minimal.  It was exciting to get to the other side of that Blvd and see the runner that we were ahead of!

Mile 14 - 9:57
Mile 15 - 9:57
Mile 16 - 10:04

I was definitely starting to feel it at this point, but Jes was telling me that she was definitely going to need some help to get through 21-24 in a few miles, so I took two gu's at once and hoped for the best.  We walked through the next few water stations.  I actually needed to walk a little at this point and did, but just for a little bit until I had caught my breath.  Then a few butt kicks to get the legs moving once again, and we were on our way.  We went onto a little bit of a highway at this point.  They had one lane and the wide shoulder completely closed off for the two miles we were on Columbia Pkwy (aka 50) and the sun was just BLAZING onto our shoulders with zero trees even close by to protect us.

Most of Mile 17, all of 18 and the beginning of 19 were on this highway.  As we exited the highway, we were greeted by a young kid in a suit.  His whole group was dressed up Blue Brother's style, and they were playing!  I asked the kid "aren't you hot?"  He told me no, so I told him I was, and he did a little dance with his fluid station arrow sign. 

This was Eastern Avenue.  Said by several people to be the most boring part of the course, as there are not very many spectators out.  I think that the race staff knows this, because there certainly were a lot of "Grunts" through here.

Mile 17 - 11:02
Mile 18 - 11:13 (I am fading fast!)
Mile 19 - 10:09
Mile 20 - 10:29

Not a whole lot was going on at this point in the run.  It was really hot, and I was just focusing on getting through it.  Admittedly, I was hoping to have a resurgence of energy to push my way through the last 10K, but it just did not come.  At the mile marker for mile 21 we were at Airport Rd.  I pointed down it to Jes "Hey look!  There's your RR tracks!" where she had slipped and wiped out during our 20 miler.  She decided that she did not want to detour down that street and revisit them.  Can't say I blame her for that one!  We passed my friend Dave, who was hanging out on the sidewalk on Eastern cheering for his wife Amy.  I met them through J and played softball on their team last summer.  (I took this summer off, and have zero regrets about it)  When I shouted at him, he knew it was me though, because I found out later that

Shortly after that we went through the changeover from Eastern Ave to Riverside Dr.  Riverside was really the homestretch for us!  At mile 22 Brett was supposed to be there with our sign again, but we didn't see him.  I feel that I should assume he was there though.  He's a good coach.  During Mile 23 we stopped so Jess could use the bathroom.  I would say we stopped for at least 3 minutes during that time, and I stretched out on the curb getting my calves, quads and hammies a little bit looser for our last 5K.

Mile 21 - 11:26
Mile 22 - 10:25
Mile 23 - 12:53 (bathroom break!)

Miles 24 through 26 are honestly kind of a blur to me.  I remember running through a section where they were handing out cold washcloths and draping that over the back of my neck for about a half mile.  I remember more water, more gatorade.  I remember the fact that the heat was REALLY getting to me.  I remember crossing a timing mat that had a big sign that said one more mile. 

Very shortly after that I told Jess that I needed to walk to the "bottom of that hill".  My shoulders were starting to tingle, and I was afraid that if that tingle got up to my head I was going to pass out.  So we walked to the bottom of the hill, and then I gave it everything I could (which was NOT MUCH) to get to the finish.  I reached out my hand to Jes, she looked at me, grinned and grabbed my hand, and we crossed, hand in hand, the finish line.

Here is the view from my dad:
He and J were up on a bridge over the finish line, which was a place I suggested they go, knowing it would not be as crowded.

Mile 24 - 10:33
Mile 25 - 10:25
Mile 26 - 10:53
Mile 26.45 (per garmin) - 4:16

Total time: 4:26:53.

And of course, this happened too:
I did it!!!


  1. Good for you! That's so exciting! Way to push through the pain!

  2. Great job on the marathon! My hubby ran this one last year and we had good weather, but I know the hill at the end was tough. I ran the half, then ran back to mile 23 ish and paced him up the last hill. He needed a little motivation then!


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