Day of Strength

That was the plan for Friday.  I just have already run three days this week, and my goal is to have 4 days of running (one of them will be Saturday with my group) so it was a break from that.  So I pulled out a few workouts from the LiveFit trainer that I had not done this week. I already covered shoulders & abs, along with chest & triceps.  So I wrote down the legs & calves workout in my notebook, along with back & biceps, in case I had time.

I hammered out the workouts, both of them, on Friday morning.  I didn't feel, at the time, over working anything, but by Friday night, my legs were definitely feeling tired and sore.  More tired at the time.  But on Saturday when I got out of bed to handle the pups before the run, I was definitely feeling sore.  I got dressed into my running stuff for meeting up with the group and headed out. 

We had plans of 6 miles on the schedule.  It was not really a set schedule, but a good run none-the-less.  Jes was having some knee issues on Friday, so she took Saturday off.  So I ran a portion of the run with Jean, and some of it solo.  Jean and I have a pretty similar pace, at least it felt like it.  I covered the 6 miles in under 54 minutes, and had an average pace of 8:47/mile.  That's a great pace!  I have work to do to get to the point where it is maintainable, but I am getting started.

I think I am actually going to have a moment this week where I get to go to speedwork on Wednesday night.  J is travelling this week for work, so I am definitely heading up to the store for the wednesday night run happy hour.  I am looking forward to it.

Last night, we had a cookout at our house for Mother's day.  J's mom and sister came over.  Angela brought her husband and 4 children.  Talk about major birth control.  4 children all under 4 years old.  Yikes!

Thinking about that was especially meaningful yesterday because I had a meaningful conversation with my coach, Stephanie yesterday about our futures.  Her children and my future ones.  It just came up how fun it might be to go through this experience together because then we would be able to have someone to rely on.  Someone who knows what we are going through.  And I am kind of the only one in my friends who is in that is "there"  or that will be there in the next 6 months to one year.  My other friends already have a few or are ready to try immediately, if not sooner!

I guess I have a lot of thinking to do...


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