Attack of the Whirlies

I am definitely feeling bad that I wasn't here at all since last Thursday!  I read a few blogs from my phone in the car on Friday, but that was pretty much all.  But I guess I might have needed a little bit of time away.  It was nice to not feel attached.  I tweeted occasionally, but that is about it, which was kind of awesome.  I also felt guilty about being away though, especially since I have recently tried to do so many things to be promoting myself!

Anyway, J and I left early in the morning on Friday.  We left just after 7 am to head northwest to Chicago.  My cousin John was getting married and it seemed like not too many of the cousins were coming, and they (John and his fiancee Ashley) came to our wedding last August.  So of COURSE we were going to go.  John and I are only 8 months apart and we pretty much grew up together despite the fact that he grew up in Naperville (a suburb of Chicago) and I grew up in Toledo, OH. 

We both just packed bars to eat in the car on the way there, and we planned on a late lunch after J's meeting.  That was the whole reason we were going on Friday.  J managed to get a meeting scheduled with some folks at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.  He had met someone at a conference that he was at last week, so that worked out well.  Unfortunately it only entitled him to not use a vacation day, his company did NOT pay for one night at the hotel.  Lame. 

J was pointing out different things to me once we passed Indianapolis.  He had an opportunity at a company that is owned by the company that he currently works for that would have had us moving to Lafayette IN for about 2 years while certain things were taken care of.  He ended up not getting the job, which is kind of a long stupid story in and of itself, but at the time I know that I was relieved about it.  But because of his company owning this one, J spent a lot of time there, pretty much since he has been with the company, so he was describing the hotel, restaurants, and even Purdue's campus, which was a few miles away.

Just north of there, we found a windfarm.  I do not remember this from any prior trips to Chicago, and I was just entralled by it, both on the way there and on the way home.  Although it seemed like it lasted longer on the way there.  Although that might just be because I could not take my eyes off of them.

I like to call them "whirlies". :)

When we arrived in Chicago, we stopped at the hotel, checked in, valeted the car, and off J went to his meeting.  I took our bag upstairs and got changed into my running clothes as I planned to squeeze in my long run while J was at his meeting so it would not interfere with any of our weekend.  So after changing, out I went.  I ran toward the lake with intentions of running on that bike path that runs along lake Michigan.  Unfortunately I could not figure out how to get across Lakeshore Drive. 

No bother though.  I just wove up and down city street for 10 miles.  I even ran the last three miles at jusr below MGP @ 8:57 (I would like to clock my marathon miles at 9:03, at the SLOWEST to get me under 4 hours).  It was a tricky run, and it definitely didn't hurt as much as I expected a 10 miler to, but I think that is because there was a decent amount of starting and stopping for the lights.  I did STOP the garmin at every light I had to stop at, so my time for this only is running time.  I did the 10 miles in 1:32:08 for a 9:12 avg pace.  Not bad for the first time in double digits after the Pig!


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