Anyone Ever see "The Birds"?

Last night J and I went to the Reds game with another couple.  We went with Dave and Amy, who I played softball with last summer.  J knows them both from work, and once they got married, Dave went and found a job at a new company, since their company was very strict about things like that. 

Anyway, I left work around 4:30 to take care of my dogs so I could be on the road headed toward downtown at 5 pm.  I was planning on meeting J and Amy at the Moerlein Lagerhouse at 5:30 so we could eat dinner and have a beverage before the game.  Dave was going to meet us there as well, but he was going to be a little later.  I ordered a beer and a chicken sandwich.  There was nothing special about the sandwich, at least not that I could tell.  It had what I would consider to be pretty normal toppings (lettuce, cheese, bacon, honey mustard) that I get on my sandwich at taphouse all the time.  I ate the whole thing, along with some sweet potato chips on the side.  Was it the healthiest choice on the menu?  Definitely not, but it also certainly could have been worse! 

The game was fun, and the Reds won, which was great!  We had a nice time, and the weather was perfect for baseball, because it was not cold and it was not too hot either!  It was my second game of the season, and the first one was quite chilly!

When we got home, after getting into bed, I started to feel extremely nauseous.  I am not sure what happened, especially because there was only one beer, but I started to feel really bad.  And then I was stressing out a little bit because I changed my alarm and went off the "new schedule" and I was feeling guilty about going off of it only one day in after J and I had that long talk about it!  But at the same time, my schedule had 6 miles on it, and I knew if my stomach was even a little bit off, running was not a good plan.

But by lunchtime today I was starting to feel better.  I planned 6 miles with 4 of those at 8:30 pace.  I headed out on the same route that I did for my "easy" run last week, but planned to add on a little bit at the end.  When I got to the lake I was greeted by a scary site.  No, not those crazy geese that are everywhere in Blue Ash, but a different bird.
(not my picture)
A vulture.  He scared the bejeezus out of me.  And there were two of them!  I actually came back to the office and google image searched for vultures so I could make sure that was what I saw!  I honestly was afraid he was going to peck my eyes out!  So I kept running!

Here is where my 6 miles ended up:
My tempo miles were 8:19, 8:28, 8:23, and 8:20, so I would say goal attained and THEN some when it comes to speed, but I have some work to do as far as consistency goes.


  1. Nice work! That's a great tempo run... it does take time to figure out consistency. Some people say the best way to do it is without a Garmin, to learn to "feel" a certain pace, but I definitely rely on mine!

  2. It's a turkey vulture! They are more common than robins in Pemberville, lol! They circle me when I run...


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