Wisdom Teeth give you Wisdom?

My J got his wisdom teeth pulled yesterday, so I was rather distracted for the entire day.  That is why there was no entry yesterday.  I was in the dentist's office till 10, then running around trying to get prescriptions and soft foods.  Then I was trying to take care of J and get a little bit of work done around the house and just work, work. 

While I was at the dentist, I finished up the book I was reading.  I was there for well over an hour, so I had time to get through the book I was working on.
I enjoyed this one even though it took me a pretty long time to get through it.  I have enjoyed ALL of Ken Follett's books that I have read and all of them are 1000+ pages! 

I was called to the back when he was waking up, and went over some instructions with a nurse.  I felt kind of nervous almost immediately.  There was just so much involved!  Changing gauze, no spitting, no rinsing, then salt water rinsing, three prescriptions, gah!  Then the nurse told me to pull my car up to the door and they would wheel him out.

The entire ride home, J was trying to talk to me through his mouth full of gauze.  I hate to say that I was humoring him, but I definitely was.  I could only understand one out of every three words that he said!  He was definitely getting flustered with me humoring him though, I could tell!  I have no idea how aware he was of himself at that time though, considering he had been out completely and probably still had a bit of lingering medicine in him.

Someone in my house was EXTREMELY worried about him though, and would not leave his side for the entire day.
She seriously just stayed in that spot in our bed for the entire day.  Well, when we weren't changing the gauze in his mouth.  Apparently the smell of blood (nasty!) is very intriguing to a pup!

I got one of Rachie's shower gifts in the mail yesterday (I already bought the rest at Bed Bath and Beyond last weekend!).  I am very excited about it, and admit that I got the idea on another blog!
Have you seen these before?  It will be for her to hang her wedding dress on!  I am really excited about it, and I hope she loves the idea! 

I headed out for 3 miles at lunch today.  I had three, easy, on the schedule today but was feeling a little bit inspired by the new book I am reading.  Kara Goucher's Running for Women, and decided to throw in a little bit of hill work (1 mile).  So I ran over to the hill which was about a half mile, then charged up and down it for a mile (up hard, down easy), and then just kept running till I reached three full miles.  I wound up here:
Whoa.  My fastest three mile run for sure since my injury and potentially, ever.

16 tomorrow!


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