What to do about a body that is rebelling?

I totally think my body is rebelling against waking up early.  I guess I have been forcing it up daily for more than a year now at 4:30 am.  It is just not working out these days.  Not sure what is wrong, and I need to get it back.  So needless to say, I did not make it out for a run again this morning and I packed my stuff for a lunchtime jaunt again.

Last night I went out to dinner with my friend Carol.  Now I love this woman, and she has definitely talked me off of a ledge more times than I care to admit, and she definitely helped with that again yesterday, and I like to think that I have done the same for her a few times.

We met at Slatt's, which is a restaurant 3 skips from my home, so I just walked over there.  I was late to meet her because I wound up working a little bit late (till about 5:45) and I was originally planning on meeting her at 5:30!  I absolutely HATE being late, but there was nothing that I could do about this.  Sometimes work just MUST be a priority. 

Carol and I enjoyed a dinner and a few glasses of wine together, talking.  It was one of those nights where we both were feeling a decent amount of frustration relating to life in general, and I was working hard to try and help myself out from that.  Being with Carol was good, and she did help me realize a few things about my future, not to mention the future of my family that I need to think about and J and I definitely need to discuss in the near future.

Because of laziness, I made breakfast at work this morning instead of making it at home and bringing it with me to eat!  I try to make this breakfast fairly similar to what I eat on most days, but made from work ingredients.
Does that look gross or delicious?  Its a strawberry chobani with a cup of cheerios (regular cheerios) mixed in and a bit of granola on top.  It taste pretty good, and the cheerios stayed fairly crunchy which is how I like them.

I think I am going to cover somewhere between 3 & 5 miles here in a little bit at lunchtime today.  It is 11:30 now, and noon seems like a pretty good time to go.  We have our final 20 miler this weekend though, and I am looking forward to having a nice, solid run, unlike last week's!


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