Tapering Stinks

I am learning what taper is all about.  In some ways, I just cannot force my body to go any more, to run any further.  I am tired.  My legs just ache.  I am starting to get a small pain in my right foot (the same one that was hurt previously).  I am suffering from trying to stay up at night and spend time with my husband, and getting up super early in the morning and therefore not getting enough sleep.  I am just tired.  I want to keep running.  But I know now that if I want to get through this race, I can't. 

And I feel guilty.  I feel guilty that I am short 8 miles this week from what my schedule says.  I am feeling guilty that I only ran 3 days instead of 5 this week.  I feel guilty that when Leah B asked me how my physique was feeling yesterday compared to when I was lifting so heavy all the time and my response was soft.  She was surprised at that, saying that she normally feels like a brick wall when she is doing a lot of running.  For me, I know this is 100% diet related.  I have been lax.  Not so lax that I have gained weight (I am down about 3 lbs), but just eating higher carb meals, drinking more beer, living my life more the way that I want to live it than I was then.

I know that despite the fact that I really miss training and eating and lifting competition style, I am much easier to live with as an endurance athlete.  That is because I still spend time goofing off and enjoying myself through food and drink as an endurance athlete. 

My friend/training partner Jes told me to warn J in advance that I might be moody or emotional during taper.  I think I am a little but mostly just feeling sad that it is almost over.  I will have spent hours and hours and hours and hours training, and only hours running the race.  And then, when its over, I get to start all over again!  But it is nice to know that it won't be from scratch this time.  I know that my body is capable of the race. 

I just want to be able to continue to perform the way that I am now and continue get stronger, run faster, run further.  It is going to take time, and I need to get through these next two weeks and the race.  After the race I can start formulating my next plan of attack.  I need to keep reminding myself of this.

I decided to skip out on speedwork yesterday.  I am not sure what I was thinking when I started to come up with it being a good idea in my head.  I am two weeks out from my first marathon.  I have never done speedwork before outside of 10 HIIT sprints once per week when I was in competition mode.  So once this is over.  SPEED. :)


  1. Marathon training definitely starts to weigh on me mentally and physically too. My first one was harder than my current one, but even this time I hit a mental sticky point. Hang in there and good luck! Don't be too hard on yourself, we all end up editing our training plans as it goes on.

  2. How funny that we both felt "soft" today. I have a feeling a lot of ladies are feeling that way as the warm weather sets in. You're running a marathon though, so clearly you are a beast (the good kind)! Best of luck during your taper and strong positive thoughts to you for you race!


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