A Super Speedy Run + Heavy Lifts

So as I wrote about yesterday, I decided to go for my run at lunchtime yesterday.  I had no idea how my legs were going to feel or anything, so I just planned to run as much as I felt like.  You know, get it done, but not worry about my speed or pace at all.
And then this happened:
8:45 average pace.  Speedy Speedster.  I honestly have no clue how that happened the day after a race, but I felt good, so I just kept running.

I saw my first mile tick away in about 8:35 and was feeling super impressed with myself.  To be honest, they kind of slowed from there, but all three miles were under 9 min/miles, which I was very pleased with.  I do not feel any worse for wear this morning, either, so I have another lunchtime run on the agenda!

When I got home from work, a surprise was waiting for J on the front porch.  It's his race attire for the marathon!
Lol.  I found it on Cafe Press a few weeks ago.  J laughed and told me that he was a professional and could not wear such an ensemble in public.  I told him it was my day and he will run whatever I want him to.  So yes, he will be wearing this in downtown Cincinnati on race day.  I want a picture of us (me with my medal, him with this shirt) together after the race.  I am pretty excited.

This morning - as mentioned above - I didn't run, and decided to hit the gym for a little core + legs.  I am so close to the marathon at this point, that any added strength that I can get I will take!  Here was my workout:
Pretty good workout, and I felt really good afterward.

Ok, now I am off to squeeze in my run.  I am trying to cover 6 miles today!


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