Sore Back-of-the-Knee

Yeah, that is what is hurting me today.  A small limp is going on as well, which is definitely not a favored thing at the moment.  I mean, I am down to the wire right now with the marathon.  I have ONLY 18 DAYS to go according to the little countdown on my phone.  I started this countdown when I registered for the marathon back in October.  At the time, I was still in the boot, so there was no way that I was running AT ALL at the time.  I have to be careful, but I am feeling weird about not running today.  I think I am going to take the day off completely, and then maybe run tomorrow in the morning, and do speed work in the evening which will probably make up for what I missed today.  Well, that is, if I am not limping anymore!

I have my stuff with me right now, so maybe I will go to lift at lunchtime or something?  Cross train?  Lord knows I have not done enough of that lately!

Hell.  I don't need cardio.  I will do a little full body (focus on upper body though!) strength circuit when I get home tonight.  That's kind of what I ended up doing yesterday too, but focused on lower body!  I found another little routine online today to go with the one that I did yesterday, so that will be my plan.  Whoop!

I am headed up to my favorite running shop around 4 pm today.  I am a little nervous to even go up there, as I know once you get Steph and I in the same place there is a decent chance I won't leave very quickly, but I guess I am leaving at the end of the day, so as long as I am home before Jason, everything is ok!  I want to get myself a new sports bra (they have a sale right now!) as well as some nuun to try out for the half this coming weekend...  And well, you know me, maybe some other stuff too.  You never know!

What I WANT is a new marathon top.  I can test it out for the Glass City this weekend and hopefully it will be super sweet to wear for that and I can transition it to the Pig!  18 days away and I cannot wait!


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